Game Audio

Some different examples of prior work in game audio. Some of these are school projects are either from Sonic College, from my semester at The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU) or other types are personal and self organized projects.

Gneiss : A Misshapen Journey

A game about a rock-person who becomes a shape shifting ball of meat! Made togeather with my 2020 DADIU team; ARISE.

The game is free and is downloadeble from my page:

Working with Google resonance in Fmod

A small walking simulator exploring different possibilities with the ambisonic format using Google resonance. It was made as a part of an exam in 3D audio at Sonic College. I made all the audio using Fmod and integrated the sounds in Unity.


I game we made at my DADIU team, ARISE, in eight days. A simple joyfull arcade game, where you have the ablilty to change into three different characters on your quest to collecting as many skies as you can before the slugs or the police men catches you!

For a more in-depth explenation please visit some of the guides I have made for the different tools I used in this project;

Click here for redirection to the: Making a game in eight days, guide.

En stenet affære

A game I made as a part of an exam in Game Audio at Sonic College. It is made in Unity using FMOD as middleware for integration of sound. Since I made it all by myself, it was a great way to learn how to use Unity and understand the process of making games from the perspective of every diciplines. - 2022